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Pastena - OLE! Sun-Dried Tomato Spread

This fantastic sun-dried tomato spread is a must-have for Winter.


OLE! Italian Garlic In Oil – Spicy Carbonara

Garlic is not only aromatic and delicious, but also beneficial for our health and immune system.


OLE! Olives Stuffed with Paprika Paste – The Crispy Way

For many of us, Autumn season means low spirits and sad, boring evenings. It doesn't have to be like this!


Conchiglie With Meat, Cheese and Pastena - OLE! Sun-Dried Tomato Spread With Olives

What comes to your mind when you think of August? For some, it is already the end of Summer – maybe even the time of melancholy.


Pasta Salad with OLE! Chili Garlic In Oil – Enjoying The Last Sunrays

The Summer is slowly coming to an end. At the beginning of September we are reminded that it soon will be replaced by Autumn for good.


OLE! Asparagus – the French way

People often think cooking asparagus is time consuming, but OLE! is here to prove that it does not have to be like that! Pickled asparagus in a handy jar is a portion of flavor whenever you want - at any time of year.


OLE! Olives Mix With Sun-Dried Tomatoes In Oil And Herbs

When you can’t decide what kind of olives you like best, try this OLE! Mix! If you are looking for a recipe to use them creatively, here are some ideas!


OLE! Golden Pickled Onions – Golden Aroma

Crispy, aromatic, simply heaven-like – nothing completes a Spring salad like golden onions, with their fresh original taste and tempting looks.


OLE! Sun-Dried Tomatoes – Taste Of The Sun

Mediterranean cuisine is a synonym of lightness, health and intense flavors. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy it on a Greek island, Italian beach or at your home.


OLE! Changes Easter Dishes!

For many of us, Easter is one the favourite days in the calendar. Easter is deeply ingrained in culinary tradition.


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