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OLE! Exotic Garlic – Namaste!

As you bite the white aromatic garlic clove, it suprises you with the richness of taste: curcuma, coriander, nutmeg, pepper, chili, cardamom, ginger and more…


OLE! Colourful Party S.O.S.

There must have been times when your perfect idea for the Friday evening was a movie night at home in the coziness of your favourive sweatpants and blanket.


A New Take On Family Dinner

Are you running out of ideas for creative family dinners? Are your cooking getting boring? Luckily, this can be easily fixed by enriching popular dishes with exceptional ingredients. And Sun-dried Tomatoes With Pepper OLE!


The Mushroom HIT!

The so called "little something" to eat is inevitable element of any party. Even when our plans do not include a two course dinner, we have to make sure that our guests will not go hungry.


Chicken Mozzarella Pasta with Sun-Dried Tomatoes With Cranberries And Herbs OLE!

There is nothing better than intense aroma of sun-dried tomatoes… Except sun-dried tomatoes with cranberry and herbs.


Mediterranean Vibe: Greek Penne Salad with OLE! Capers

In hot weather most of us don’t feel like eating much. However, when it is time for lunch, we are looking for some light food to keep us going through the day.


Grilling with Pastena Sun-Dried Tomato Spread with Garlic OLE!

Summer barbecue is the tradition that we all love. Everyone enjoys nature, fresh air and the taste of hot juicy meals in the company of friends.


3 Case Scenarios – Pastena Corregio Sun-Dried Tomatoes Witch Cheese OLE!

What if there was a jar that you could open whenever you felt like eating something quick, something warm, making Italian dinner for two or a snack for a house party? Meet Pastena Corregio Sun-Dried Tomatoes Witch Cheese OLE!


The OLE! Recipes mobile application

Mobile apps aim to make our lives a little easier. They help us make everyday decisions such as what to have for dinner. OLE! will help you!


Cool snacks for hot days

The summer is here and its days are hot. But what do we make when the temperature doesn’t favour hot meals and hours in the kitchen? The rich OLE! recipe library has something for everyone.


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