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OKECHAMP S.A. – an important producer and supplier of processed mushrooms and owner of the brand OLE! being present on the market since 1992.

We ensure the quality without compromise on every stage of supervised production chain of mushrooms – from the substrate production through modern mushroom cultivation to their processing.

Our competences have been recognized by numerous Clients across and beyond Europe. We constantly improve the production and the after-sales service in order to earn the name of the favorite supplier of processed mushrooms to all markets in the world.

Ole!   Okechamp

June 3, 1992  -  first agreement entered into by: OLE International Trading ltd.

First production of blanched mushrooms in Biała Wieś near Grodzisk at the Avantaż company by Witajewscy brothers, and in Szymanowice near Pleszew, starting a partnership with Holco.


HOLCO company. Launch of the first manufacturing facility in the largest launderette hall in Eastern Europe at that time, in Poznań at Św. Wincentego street.


May 27, 1997 registration of the OKECHAMP S.A. joint stock company


Substrate plant launched in Borucino


Building stage II substrate sterilizing tunnels

Launching mushroom manufacturing plant, total area 11 thousand m2


Leaving partnership with Holco.  Next stage of our vegetable and mushroom business.

Establishing Ole partners Sp. z o.o. - main company operations: manufacturing products for the OLE brand.

Moving the OLE manufacturing plant to Łubnica.

Office – Poznań, Kamiennoigórska st.

A new company is established –  OKECHAMP PLUS - manufacturing and sale of blanched mushrooms (in Łubnica)


Construction of mushroom growing plant no. 2, total area 22 thousand m2. –works begin in December 2000.


June 22, first mushrooms grown in plant no. 2!


Merger between Okechamp plus and Ole Partners to create Okechamp plus Ole sp.z o.o. – taking over the entire operations and equipment of Holco plant in Poznań, Holco is liquidated by the Dutch


Expansion of the Substrate plant with 11 more sterilization tunnels – stage III manufacturing begins for mushroom processing plant no. 2


The decision is made to build a processing plant in Grodzisk Wielkopolski. 


First production in own and new processing plant in Grodzisk Wielkopolski.

Okechamp plus Ole sp.z o.o. is changed into OLE SA.


Relaunch of the OLE! brand: new packaging, new labels. New stage in its development..


Expansion of the substrate plant in Borucino with 17 new sterilization tunnels and expanding FI production capacity

Ole! & Okechamp

October 1, 2007 a merger of: OLE S.A. and Okechamp S.A. creates the present company OKECHAMP S.A.


Takeover of the Dutch distribution company OKECHAMP Sales.

OKECHAMP S.A. becomes a strategic investor in F&F Europe B.V. in Kerkrade, Holland

OKECHAMP Group - is established, a European based mushroom industry group - our key values are: innovation and quality, without compromise

Company restructure and investments in Grodzisk Wielkopolski  - increased manufacturing capacity from 5 mln up to 30 mln packaging units per annum.
Finished the investment in the substrate production plant – three new tunnels (41 substrate sterilization tunnels in total)
March 2012 - 100 % shares of the F&F Europe BV subsidiary now owned by OKECHAMP S.A.
Expansion of the warehouse in Grodzisk to 3,5 thousand m2.

Expansion of the Mushroom growing plant no.1 by 7,3 thousand m2, the investment increases the total plant area to 40 thousand m2
Expansion of the processing plant in Grodzisk, manufacturing  rising the manufacturing capacity to 100 mln packaging units per annum

OKECHAMP S.A., ul. Wichrowa 1A, 60-449 Poznań, tel.: 061 846 99 00, fax: 061 846 99 01, email:, NIP: 779-21-94-028, REGON:634419544, BDO:000087546, KRS: 0000235254 - Sąd Rejonowy Poznań - Nowe Miasto i Wilda w Poznaniu VIII Wydział Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego
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