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Fundacja Okechamp

okechamp foundation

The OKECHAMP foundation was established in 2011 to assist the children of OKECHAMP S.A. employees

The mission statement of the Foundation focuses on providing aid and care to children and teenagers severely tried by fate, particularly the disabled and with serious health issues whose parents remain disadvantaged.

The aim of the foundation is carried out by:

Cele 1

financing sanitary products, medicine, doctor's appointments, special care, examination and medical assistance

Cele 2

assistance in financing rehabilitation camps, purchasing the required materials and equipment which may improve the lives of the disabled as well as any other assistance required for decent living conditions for children for which the Foundation was established

Cele 3

financing study aids and stipends

Cele 4

organizing cultural events

Non profit

The OKECHAMP foundation is a nonprofit entity – we are not a business and we are not profit-oriented, after few years of its operation, it becomes a public utility organization.


The Foundation operates thanks to funding by Employees, Customers and Partners of OKECHAMP S.A. Its operations also includes voluntary assistance.


We hope that the OKECHAMP Foundation with the help of all the generous people will be able to bring a small glimpse of hope and joy into the life of children who have not been treated fairly by life.

You can help!

The Foundation is based on voluntary monthly donations made by OKECHAMP employees, as well as donations made by OKECHAMP S.A.

You can also help by:

voluntary work

making a donation to our bank account:

  Fundacja OKECHAMP Bank BGŻ 74 2030 0045 1110 0000 0201 6470


donating valuable items for auctions


Voluntary work at OKECHAMP Foundation is based on your sensitive feelings and being open to the child's needs, it means to be ready to put your heart to helping our families in their daily life. Volunteers look after the children at home, on a walk, by helping with homework, offering transportation to the rehabilitation exercise, etc.


Agnieszka Buszkowska
President of the Foundation
phone:+48 61 846 99 29
mobile: +48 513 155 608

OKECHAMP S.A., ul. Wichrowa 1A, 60-449 Poznań, tel.: 061 846 99 00, fax: 061 846 99 01, email:, NIP: 779-21-94-028, REGON:634419544, BDO:000087546, KRS: 0000235254 - Sąd Rejonowy Poznań - Nowe Miasto i Wilda w Poznaniu VIII Wydział Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego
kapitał zakładowy: 6.476.511 zł kapitał wpłacony: 6.476.511 zł


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