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OKECHAMP quality

Business activities of OKECHAMP S.A. are based on growing, harvesting and processing of mushrooms and vegetables.

The strategic objective of the Company is to reach and constantly raise high quality of products manufactured in compliance with legal requirements regarding health conditions of foods and nutrition, in the interest of safety, legality and responsibility towards our Customers. Maintaining ethical values by our employees will ensure trust of our customers with regard to the quality of our products, and at the same time will strengthen our position in the market.

In order to achieve customer satisfaction and constant improvement of our products we undertake to:

  • comply with requirements of quality systems according to ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System, IFS standard at the Processing Plant in Grodzisk Wlkp. and Borucino, Global GAP standard for fresh mushroom growing at the Processing Plant in Borucino, and BRC standard at the Processing Plant in Grodzisk Wlkp. 
  • developing and improving a food safety and quality culture
  • produce products which are not genetically modified, and obtain NON GMO certification by the Processing Plant in Grodzisk Wlkp.
  • production of Kosher products.
  • continuously improve our production processes within the framework of implemented standards based on the TQM (Total Quality Management) Policy and the OKECHAMP S.A. company code of conduct.
  • involve all our employees in the quality policy, 
  • continuously raise our employees' awareness and qualifications
  • choose suppliers based on their ability to supply raw materials of required and stable quality,
  • provide monitoring, supervision and research of our production processes in order to eliminate hazards and raise effectiveness of our operations,
  • continuously improve production processes and product quality by introduction of new technical and technological solutions.
  • meet Customers' requirements concerning the safety of food,
  • render services without delays,
  • build positive image of our Company,
  • comply with regulations regarding environment protection.

Implementation of the Quality Policy will be ensured by personal contribution of each and every employee by carrying out of their duties, regardless of their positions.

The Management Board and Company employees will ensure implementation of the objectives approved by this Quality Policy.




ISO Borucino




IFS Food


ISO Grodzisk Wlkp.




BRC Global Standard for Food Safety




Global Gap


FDA – Food & Drug Administration

OKECHAMP S.A., ul. Wichrowa 1A, 60-449 Poznań, tel.: 061 846 99 00, fax: 061 846 99 01, email:, NIP: 779-21-94-028, REGON:634419544, BDO:000087546, KRS: 0000235254 - Sąd Rejonowy Poznań - Nowe Miasto i Wilda w Poznaniu VIII Wydział Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego
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